K3S Guided Training

Dramatically Increase Your Buying Skills

Guided Training Packages

10-Pack Training

Great for brand new buyers! This 1-on-1 training consists of 10 weekly virtual trainings that will help your buyer learn to effectively use K3S

5-Pack Training

Great for a set of specific challenges! This 1-on-1 training consists of 5 weekly virtual trainings that focus directly on your specific challenges

Group Training

Get training for up to 3 buyers with the virtual group training which consists of 10 weekly trainings that will help your buyers learn to effectively use K3S and get organized!

Education Refresher
2-Day Visit

Take advantage of being face to face with a K3S trainer. The Refresher Course includes a 2-day on-site visit that will be geared towards your team’s specific questions and challenges.

Education Refresher Bundle

This training package bundles a 2-day on-site visit with 5 additional conference calls. Your team will pick up the tools and knowledge they need to become confident, smarter buyers.

Virtual Group Refresher Course

This guided training utilizes video conferencing and provides your buyers with two 4 hour days of training with follow up virtual training calls

What People Are Saying

“The training/refresher we received was extraordinarily helpful. The environment we trained in was very open and professional - everyone we worked with was very kind and willing to help us however they could. The content we covered was provided to us in a way that easy to follow and clearly understood. I finished the training feeling very confident in my ability to use and navigate through K3S. Overall, I would give my experience with the training a 10/10!”
Johnny Mullen
“As a user for over three years, it is hard to remember how buying was done without K3S. Buying before was very time consuming and demanded a lot of recollection from memory. Now, K3S gives us the tools to stay ahead of the process, thus reducing out of stocks and excess inventory. The system (K3S) has all the knowledge built in and daily gives me order suggestions. The review you provided opened up other parts of the program that we were not using. I know these will improve our service and turns even more.”
Mike Hicks
“MGC started with K3S in 2013. The refresher course was a good balance of information The Buyer`s had reviewed some time ago (PE Checks and all) and new ways to update buying. The 2-day on-site training was a great way to refresh what we are using and could be using to benefit our purchases. The weekly conference call training was focused and helped with such tasks as PE Checks, Z Batches, and K3S Inventory and User Reports. THANK YOU again for the timely information provided to keep us on the Buying path with K3S.”
Glenn Summers

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King III Solutions (K3S) has been working with wholesalers and retailers since 1990 to help them better manage their inventory through smarter replenishment.  Since our founding, we have strongly believed that the key to effective inventory replenishment lies in a combination of tools, techniques, and customer education.  For that reason, the team at King III Solutions places tremendous emphasis on the continuous education and support of our customers to ensure that we constantly deliver the best tools available, but more importantly that our customers know how to use them properly. For more information, visit K3S.com


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