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K3S Metrics: Easy Ways to Track Your Inventory and Supplier Performance

Are you looking for a way to track performance of your inventory? Not only does K3S provide purchasing tools, it also provides you with metrics to track your products and suppliers.

This month’s workshop will focus on K3S Metrics to help you track your inventory and supplier performance.

Here are the learning objectives:

  • Learn how to track service level targets for products and suppliers
  • Review and analyze buyer group metrics
  • Track carrying costs overtime
  • Review average inventory and sales performance buy month or period
  • Export data easily to review in excel or other spreadsheet software

If you join us on Wednesday, December 14th, at 2:30 PM EST, you will pick up the tools and knowledge to help you track and measure your inventory performance with K3S Metrics.

You will also have a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Even if you cannot attend, register, and we will email you the replay.

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