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New Install Guide

If you are just starting off as a new K3S customer, this course will review the data checking steps, PO Approval, and basic navigation.

Transitioning to R6

If you are moving to R6 from our previous R5 version (green screen or jelly bean), this course will help you with the transition.

Troubleshoot like a pro!

The K3S Troubleshooting Guide can be used to help work with some of the common problems that impact suppliers and suggested orders.

Daily Replenishment

This course will help you set up suppliers that require ordering more than once per week. Here you will pick up the tools and knowledge for proper organization.

Supplier Organization

Proper Supplier Organization is one of the keys to success using K3S-Replenish®. Take this course to master the steps of setting up your suppliers.

The Ultimate Guide to Learning PE Checks

PE Checks are the most important action you can take to get the best results. Take this course to build your confidence doing your PE Checks.


King III Solutions (K3S) has been working with wholesalers and retailers since 1990 to help them better manage their inventory through smarter replenishment.  Since our founding, we have strongly believed that the key to effective inventory replenishment lies in a combination of tools, techniques, and customer education.  For that reason, the team at King III Solutions places tremendous emphasis on the continuous education and support of our customers to ensure that we constantly deliver the best tools available, but more importantly that our customers know how to use them properly. For more information, visit K3S.com


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