The Ultimate Guide to learning K3S-Replenish R6

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Learn K3S at your own pace with K3S Online Courses

K3S University offers online courses so you can learn how to master the system at your own pace

Achieve Buying Confidence with the K3S User's Guide

K3S University is full of guides that will answer your questions on features and settings within K3S-Replenish R6. It will simplify your buying!

Stay sharp with monthly webinars

On the third Wednesday of every month, there will be a webinar that will focus on various topics to help you become a smarter buyer

Troubleshoot like a pro!

The K3S Troubleshooting Guide can be used to help work with some of the common problems that impact suppliers and suggested orders

Get Guided Training

K3S offers various guided training packages that will help new and seasoned buyers master their skills using K3S-Replenish

About K3S University

K3S University exists to help you become your best at buying with K3S-Replenish. The focus of K3S-U is on K3S Best Practices and how you can utilize them for success. We are here to guide in your journey to achieve buying mastery.

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