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K3S Create Batch Screen

November 2022 Holiday Ordering

It doesn’t seem possible, but the holiday season is officially upon us!  This means the purchase orders you place this month will likely need to factor in your supplier closings!

K3S Create Batch Screen

September 2022 Lost Sales Batches

Are you looking for a way to find products with lost sales yesterday? The Lost Sales batches are a great way to get these products into a list for review

Obsolete Products Report

July 2022 PE Check Analysis

This month, we will take a look at how you can analyze and understand your PE Check trends over the years. We will use K3S Retriever to build a PE

Obsolete Products Report

June 2022 Obsolete Products Report

As Spring comes to a close, it may be a good time to review your Obsolete Products. The K3S Obsolete Products Report will help you find products that have not

Product History Headers Are Purple For Forecast Frozen

May 2022 Product Lead Time Review

As we continue to see complications in the Supply Chain, you may have some suppliers that are quickly finding their way back to normal shipping patterns. It will be important

Product History Headers Are Purple For Forecast Frozen

April 2022 Forecast Frozen

With all of the disfunction in the supply chain, there is a good chance you are experiencing demand inflation. To avoid the noise of large inflated suggested orders due to

Product History Batch

March 2022 Spring Cleaning Batches

Applying and updating seasonal profiles and identifying products with no demand is a critical step to keeping K3S Replenish running at peak performance. K3S has some effective query batches that

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