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Product Search Results

February 2023 Search Feature

K3S provides a search feature to help you find products, suppliers, and notes quickly. You can use the search results page to open various screens in K3S. Check out the

January 2023 Supplier Organization

Start the year off right by making sure your suppliers are organized properly. K3S makes this easy by providing you with the Supplier Organization Wizard. We also have a self-paced

User Profile Settings woskspace settings tab

December 2022 Increase Items Per Page

Do you have suppliers with hundreds or even over a thousand products? By default, you are set to view 12 items per page at a time when reviewing your orders.

K3S Create Batch Screen

November 2022 Holiday Ordering

It doesn’t seem possible, but the holiday season is officially upon us!  This means the purchase orders you place this month will likely need to factor in your supplier closings!

K3S Create Batch Screen

September 2022 Lost Sales Batches

Are you looking for a way to find products with lost sales yesterday? The Lost Sales batches are a great way to get these products into a list for review

Obsolete Products Report

July 2022 PE Check Analysis

This month, we will take a look at how you can analyze and understand your PE Check trends over the years. We will use K3S Retriever to build a PE

Obsolete Products Report

June 2022 Obsolete Products Report

As Spring comes to a close, it may be a good time to review your Obsolete Products. The K3S Obsolete Products Report will help you find products that have not

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