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May 2020 Hold Out Steps

Are you looking for an easier way to handle price increases and inventory building? Then this Tip of the Month is for you! In R6, we’ve added the ability to easily build inventory over a period of time in one easy function. Click on the button below to learn this easy, yet powerful, tool!

Automated Add Days

April 2020 Automated Add Days

During times like these, there may be some products for which you want to ensure you have a little extra inventory. K3S includes a simple tool to hold additional inventory which automatically adjusts for the velocity of each product. This tool, called automated add days, is a great way to deal with uncertainty in demand or the supply chain. To see how it works, see the video below.

March 2020 Function Keys

R6 has definitely represented a quantum leap forward for the functionality of Replenish. Still, there were some features of the legacy software that users requested. One of these was the ability to utilize function keys for certain areas of navigation. With the release of R6.2, we have reintroduced the use of a few of the most popular function keys to help users transition to R6 and quickly navigate in certain areas! Watch the attached video to learn more!

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