Learning The Basics of K3S-Replenish

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This course is starting point for learning K3S-Replenish R6

It is designed specifically for buyers and managers who are new to K3S. If you have been using K3S for a while, you will still benefit from the course as it will create a great foundation for your knowledge. You will learn the basics of navigation, how to approve purchase orders, and how to perform basic maintenance steps.

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Successfully sign in to K3S
  2. Understand Today’s Agenda
  3. Learn the basics of navigation
  4. Learn how to easily search for products and suppliers
  5. Understand how to access User Settings
  6. Understand the basic steps of approving an order
  7. Gain an understanding of regular recommended maintenance and how to perform it
  8. Gain an understanding of how to run reports in K3S
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